Eurostar Breaks To Leuven

Eurostar Breaks to Leuven

Leuven is another fabulous Flemish city just 25km from Brussels. Leuven is an ancient capital the home of the Dukes of Brabant since 1200 and in medieval times an important cloth trading centre. Today it boasts one of Belgium's most ornate town halls and is Flanders' oldest university town.

Transportation in and around Leuven is easy as pie: the station is at walking distance from the centre and De Lijn buses cover every corner of the town. Leuven is also Belgium's beer capital, home to the internationally known Stella Artois.

What better way to travel from London by Eurostar to Leuven for your city break, by making your Eurostar trip even easier on your wallet with great offers. We offer competitive prices for our eurostar hotel packages.Leuven is situated in the capital region of the Flemish Brabant in Belgium close to neighbouring Brussels and Mechelen.

It is home to one of the largest Brewery groups and boasts being in the top 5 for consumer goods companies in the world for its speciality on making beers. It is a country full of bursting flavours, sights and culture waiting for visitors to enjoy the hospitality of Leuven, and is the ideal city location for students and travellers with a keen interest on art.

Book your Eurostar break to Leuven and in very little time you can be in the heart of the city relaxed and refreshed ready to start enjoying yourself. Our short break deals include the oward train tickets from Brussels to Leuven.

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