Eurostar Breaks To Lyon

Eurostar Breaks to Lyon

Discover the Capital of Gastronomy just 4 hrs 41 from London with the new direct* Eurostar route.

Lyon France's second biggest city and capital of the Rhône-Alpes region, is situated at the crossroads of Europe's major lines of transport, at the heart of France between Paris and the French Riviera. Perched in east-central France here is a city that is often not talked about very much, but it's intriguing and we think you'll love it.

Within the Renaissance, it developed as a result of the silk trade. During World War II, Lyon was a centre for the occupying German forces as well as a stronghold of resistance. The traboules (secret passages) through houses enabled the local people to escape Gestapo raids. The city is now home to a resistance museum.

This city is constantly on the move and today has the most beautiful and attractive urban destinations in Europe, bringing in more than 5 million visitors every year. Combining an exceptional historic heritage with a natural liking for good food, Lyon is the ideal city for discovering all the charm of the French way of life. Lyon has been the ultimate gastronomic city for centuries, reputed around the world thanks to Chef Paul Bocuse.

It now boasts more than 2000 restaurants, including the famous bouchons (typical local eateries) to Michelin star-awarded establishments. From traditional Mères Lyonnaises (19th century cooks for the bourgeoisie) to inspired and innovative young chefs, Lyon is a place for culinary experimentation with new tastes and concepts to be savoured.

*Please note: on the return journey, once arrived in Lille, you'll be leaving the train to do all the check in, security and immigration checks. This is because the stations in Marseille, Avignon and Lyon don't have the facilities to do it before you board the train. Be sure to have your tickets and passports handy and if in any doubt ask a member of the Eurostar team who will guide you every step of the way.