Eurostar Breaks To Mechelen

Eurostar Breaks to Mechelen

Mechelen is considered one of Flanders' most prominent art cities and, being a centre for artistic production during the Northern Renaissance, earned Mechelen an impressive history. Gastronomy has a fabulous restaurant guide for Michelin star dining in the city - a foodie's perfect destination.

Mechelen's parks and cathedrals make the walks around the city picturesque and provide the right ending to a perfect evening of food and drink. While it is perhaps one of the lesser visited Belgian cities, Mechelen is most definitely still worth exploring.

The town of Mechelen was founded in the early Middle-Ages on the banks of the river Dijle. It is a pleasant typical Flemish city which belonged to the Duchy of Brabant. The town center is a low-traffic area, which makes Mechelen a pleasant shopping city. On Saturdays the main shopping streets 'Bruul' and 'IJzerenleen' are visited by all the people of the city itself and the neighbouring villages.

Although Mechelen suffered badly during the World Wars of the 20th century, luckily a lot of interesting and beautiful old buildings have been preserved. To name but a few : the St. Rumbold's Cathedral, the former Palace of Margaret of Austria, the Town Hall, and several really beautiful and enchanting houses.

From museums, theatres and cathedrals to craft shopping in the market square, find the perfect things to do in Mechelen. Don't forget travelling by Eurostar means there aren't crazy luggage restrictions so you can bring back all the souvenirs and treats you desire. Travelling to Mechelen by Eurostar means getting the Eurostar train to Brussels and then a local train to finish off your journey in Mechelen. All of the transport is included in the price of your short break.

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