Calais City Breaks by Eurotunnel or Ferry



As the busiest European port, Calais can legitimately lay claim to the title of 'Doorway to Europe'. The Romans, Spanish, English and Germans have all taken Calais at various times throughout history; the most recent invasion was of course during the Second World War when the town was under German rule.

Edward III, Henry VIII, Queen Mary and Lady Hamilton are just a few of the British names associated with the history of Calais. The statue of the six burghers by Rodin which stands before the town hall is a powerful reminder of the siege of 1347 but perhaps the best souvenir left by the British is Calais Lace which has its origins in Nottingham.

The main shopping streets in Calais are Boulevards Jacquard and Lafayette as well as the slightly more up-market Rue Royale. This is a shopper's haven, no hills to climb nice long straight streets, lots of parking and lots of shops. Calais is particularly famous for drink hypermarkets but shopping in town is great fun. Watch out for La Maison du Fromage, le Bar à Vins and Royal Dentelle the Calais lace shop.

Les 4 Boulevards is the new shopping destination downtown Calais with 50 shops and a supermarket. Neighbouring Coquelles is home to the stunning Cité Europe shopping centre. Marques Avenue Côte d'Opale is just 5 minutes away from the Calais Eurotunnel terminal, right next to Cité Europe and offers up to 70% discount on French and International brands. Why not stop for a snack or meal in its lovely restaurant.