City Breaks to Boulogne Sur Mer by Eurotunnel or Ferry

Chateau D'Hardelot

Boulogne Sur Mer


Boulogne Sur Mer

From Roman times Boulogne was established as a major port offering easy access to England. Napoleon set up camp here too before setting his sights on Austerlitz. A stone's throw from the Channel Tunnel, two hours from Paris on the A16 and at the heart of the Cote d'Opale and the Boulonnais Natural Park, a welcoming region of rolling hills.

Boulogne-sur-Mer has the power to astonish and seduce those who've never visited before. Rich in a heritage which gives it the enviable title 'Ville d'art et d'histoire', the Upper Town bears witness in stone with a 12th century belfry, superb 13th century ramparts, a Chateau-Musee not be missed, an imposing cathedral and a medieval crypt. City of the Sea: Nausicaa, the National Sea Centre, offers a fantastic voyage to the depths of the oceans and reminds us that Boulogne is also France's premier fishing port with seafood cuisine appreciated by all gourmets.

Boulogne and neighbouring Etaples have a deep rooted fishing tradition which has contributed to the naming of Boulogne as France's First Fishing Port. Herring is the traditional fish, served in numerous ways: salted, smoked, marinated or simply grilled. The Herring Festivals in November are the best time to try it.

The main shopping streets are Grande Rue, Rue Thiers, Rue Victor Hugo, Rue Nationale and there is also the old town mainly offering gift shops and restaurants. Freshly caught fish is sold on the Quayside Boulevard Gambetta every day. There are some great specialist shops in Boulogne. Don't miss Hediard the delicatessen or the famous Philippe Olivier cheese shop and nearby 'Chocolaterie de Beussent', the handmade chocolate shop.

A patisserie called 'Dessert et Dessert' will make your taste buds burst. For Wines try 'Le Chais', for seafood 'Les pocheurs d'Etaples' and 'Bourgeois' for meat/butcher and delicatessen.